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Mistress Meredith’s taking applications for a foot slave

apply for my foot slave

Hello my pets! How are you? I am letting you in on a secret… I fucking love to have my feet rubbed! Yes, not just rubbed, though. I need the full monty. Do you know what that means? I’ll tell you. It means totally devoting yourself to my . . . → Read More: Mistress Meredith’s taking applications for a foot slave

Body worship

So my pets, so many times I am asked “what will please you Mistress?” and my answer always is: worship my body. If you are truly submissive, and want to please me, you will do exactly that.

worship me

If you do this properly, it will take some quality time. No rushing when . . . → Read More: Body worship

Walkin’ in a kinky wonderland

Since we now have ONLY 17 days ’till the jolly man cums my way, I have been walkin’ in my kinky world and it IS a wonderland of kinks! So, in light of all that walking and trudging through the snow, my feet are in need of major pampering. you know what that . . . → Read More: Walkin’ in a kinky wonderland


All lit up

Foot Fetish

I am a twisted naughty elf  not on a shelf. Just leave it to me to turn something innocent into something with blaring sexual overtures. I mean, who would associate mistleTOE with foot fetish? I would say my callers are rubbing off on me, but hell, once we . . . → Read More: Mistletoe


 altocalciphilia altocalciphilia A sexual desire for a person (not necessarily a woman) wearing high heels.  Altocalciphilia Altocalciphilia is the sexual fetish for high heels. What do you think? I think I have a shoe fetish. I love my stilettos, my open toed heels, platforms and pumps! Do you have this fetish? Do you . . . → Read More: ALTOCALCIPHILIA


Hello my pets! Lately your phone sex Goddess has been experiencing one of my very favorite kind of session. I am not sure why there is all the demand for my sexy tootsies lately, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

So the foot worship ritual begins with you on your knees as I sit . . . → Read More: FOOT FETISH