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FREE! That’s right!

Its winding down now, but if you have called us before and your last name begins with the letter of the day, you get 10 free minutes.

How cool is that? Your phone sex Goddess hopes you take, or have taken advantage of this alphabet game. It’s a great opportunity to . . . → Read More: FREE PHONE SEX


Champagne. Chocolate. Roses. Jewelry. That little black dress. Lace top thigh highs. 4″ Heels. Perfume. Candlelight dinner. Soft music. Slow dancing. Soft kisses down my neck. Your hand cupping my breast. You whisper something sexy in my ear. What is it?

Oh, you want to get out of here? yes. Where would you like . . . → Read More: STUPID CUPID


New Years Resolutions. It’s a new year now and we are half way though January. My question is…. did you make any resolutions, but more importantly….how many have you already broken? lol

C’mon now, you can tell your fav phone sex Goddess. Confess! You can tell me! As for Me? You ask if I . . . → Read More: NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS