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In a Barbie World

Hello my pets! Your phone sex Goddess is changing it up a bit.I am not including a pic of myself. Does this scene look familiar? Or maybe in your dreams?

It reminds me of that song “I’m a Barbie girl, In a barbie world” but I don’t think this is what they were . . . → Read More: In a Barbie World


L-O-L-A, LO-LA!                                                                                                         . . . → Read More: BOYS WILL BE GIRLS

P.S. High Heel Fetish

Just had to add this post script:

A fetish for high heels.


(1) Actress Karen Flores (Rene Russo) and Chili Palmer (John Travolta) in Get Shorty (1997): — Karen: ‘I know I’m better than what I’ve been doing all these years, walking around in fuck me pumps and a tank-top waiting until it’s . . . → Read More: P.S. High Heel Fetish


FREE! That’s right!

Its winding down now, but if you have called us before and your last name begins with the letter of the day, you get 10 free minutes.

How cool is that? Your phone sex Goddess hopes you take, or have taken advantage of this alphabet game. It’s a great opportunity to . . . → Read More: FREE PHONE SEX


Hello my pets! How are you? Your phone sex Goddess is all aghast, upset and completely kerplunc. I recently read my reviews for

rate my and feel just terrible! 


You see, one caller after 4 minutes decided I was the worst sexy playmate ever and left a review saying as much. . . . → Read More: RATE MY CALL.COM


Enchantrix Empire. What is it? Just a place where all my Mistress and kinky friends calls “home”. Only about 3,000 members and going strong! Ms Ally created this place for all of us to happily hang out and wave our freak flag. It is a growing online community where everybody knows your  name kind . . . → Read More: ENCHANTRIX EMPIRE


Yeah, you know the feeling. Your entire body lusts after anything that moves. It’s been too long since you had any strange, any kink, any fun! Now that warmer weather has come, short skirts, sandals displaying pretty sexy toes and tops with barely strings holding together those amazing breasts and all you can do . . . → Read More: CLIMBING THE WALLS

Enchantrix Empire

So my sweet kinky pets! Have you joined the empire yet? Wow, it has a kind of “Star Wars” feel to that, doesnt it? Can I be your Princess Lay-a? No silly, it’s not like that. I am talking about a place you can call home for all your sweet fetish type fantasies. You can wander . . . → Read More: Enchantrix Empire


Good clean fun. Yes, that is what this blog is all about. I am having good clean fun right now! Your phone sex Goddess had a special treat today. I just love when a pet performs on cam for me. I watched my favorite stroker boy from Pakistan as he sat in his nice . . . → Read More: GOOD CLEAN FUN


 What do you think of when you are making love? I am just curious. As your phone sex Goddess, I wonder what is going through that kinky head of yours, on both ends! Speaking of ends, how do you like mine? Now this is not the end, butt just the beginning. The beginning of . . . → Read More: SEXY THOUGHTS