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you know, that word has an ugly sound to it and it is such a beautiful thing! Hello my pets! Have you masturbated today? I know the answer to that, but see what I mean? Now, the question: Did you self pleasure yourself? That sounds so much sexier. Masturbation…

What do you . . . → Read More: Masturbation

Sexy time

sexy time

Hello my pets! Now that January is under your bulging belt and the new year is off and running, how are you doing? Are you keeping with your resolutions I broke, or are you resolute in your old ways? I think I know the answer to that. Whatever your case may . . . → Read More: Sexy time

Lusty Feelings

Lusty Feelings (800) 356-6169

Do you have them, my pets? I know I do, but that is just pretty much an everyday occurrence. Not only do I feel lusty, but busty. A lusty, busty kind of thing. Lusty feelings are pretty dominate, and it’s best just to surrender to them. This time of . . . → Read More: Lusty Feelings


Let me guide you

OH, my pets, recently I had a call that really was very sexy. Some of my callers like to look at porn. (NO!) Yes, I know, big surprise! And some of those porn watching callers like to share the experience with me and send me links (which is always . . . → Read More: EROTIC IMAGES