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Female led relationship

Female led relationships

Hello my pets! Aaahhhh….the female led relationship. Just as the Goddess intended it to be! We all know who wears the pants in our family here and we all know we wouldn’t have it any other way! Obviously, if you are in this type of relationship, it is exactly what . . . → Read More: Female led relationship

How are my pets?

How are you my pets?

How are you, my pets? Have you been behaving? I doubt that. Have you missed me? Yes, I know. I have had some major life changes and honestly…I have been working a long time and it was nice to just kind of enjoy myself and have some Mistress . . . → Read More: How are my pets?

Mistress has a puppet

Mistress has a puppet

Hello my pets! I would like to give a little shout to my new puppet.  his name is… Well Puppet. I have christened him as such!  he is so devoted, so locked into my pleasure it is incredible.  I just had a 4 hours session with him and he . . . → Read More: Mistress has a puppet

Qualities of a good phone sex Mistress

Good phone sex Mistress

Hello my pets. As the last dog days of summer dwindle down (wiping the tears from my eyes) I was feeling a little contemplative. you know how much I enjoy our conversations, and how much I love being your Mistress! So I came (several times) up with this guideline . . . → Read More: Qualities of a good phone sex Mistress