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Prime Time

Yes, I can verify that it is true. They say that a woman in her 30’s reaches her sexual prime. Cruel joke for the male population peaking at 18, but you boys always need to catch up to the fairer sex, right? As far as my sexual appetite… I am just . . . → Read More: PRIME TIME

Would you like to buy a vowel?

How about the letter “O”? O, yes – that would be nice! Your phone sex Goddess LOVES the letter “O”. O boy, we could have fun with that! What is the letter “O” worth to you? Would you do anything to obtain that? Can you see my lips pursed to form the letter . . . → Read More: Would you like to buy a vowel?


Happy VD, my pets! I have such a twisted sense, don’t I? I meant Happy Valentines Day! As always, this day has been so sexy, thanks to my naughty ones! Thank-you for your hot rockin’ calls tonight! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than like this. My red panties are . . . → Read More: VALENTINES


Yah, dat ez goot! Ben and Jerry are cumming out with a ice cream called Schweddy Balls! I am not kidding! MMmmmm, yummy! So creamy and sweet tasting! Your phone sex Goddess thinks you should all go out and get you some! lol

Oh, you already got you some? Good for you! lol

Seriously, . . . → Read More: SCHWEDDY BALLS


Good clean fun. Yes, that is what this blog is all about. I am having good clean fun right now! Your phone sex Goddess had a special treat today. I just love when a pet performs on cam for me. I watched my favorite stroker boy from Pakistan as he sat in his nice . . . → Read More: GOOD CLEAN FUN