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They say its my Birthday!

They say its my Birthday

Hello my pets! I am very excited, as usual. Butt today…even more so then ever. Today is my day! lol. I know what my sweet pets are thinking. Everyday is my day. Right? I know! But today is my Birthday! Yes, they say its my Birthday … And . . . → Read More: They say its my Birthday!

To Do Lust

To Do lust

No my pets, that is not a typo. I was texting with Ms. Ally today and tried to write “It’s on my to do list”. Now, I can’t tell you what exactly is on my to do list, but don’t worry your dirty little mind about that. I pushed send . . . → Read More: To Do Lust

Wander lust

Wander Lust

Hello my pets! I know we are all familiar with my friend, LUST. Butt what is wander lust? It is a strong desire to travel. I have that lustful feeling deep down in my soul. So I must obey my hedonistic tendencies and follow the voice that leads me to unexpected . . . → Read More: Wander lust

Properly Worship Mistress’ Body

Do you think you know how to properly worship mistress’ body? You may think so, but I am going to give you some pointers. Men seem to need a woman’s direction in every area of life. The number of calls I get requesting guidance for masturbation is astounding! SEE!!! You need to be told . . . → Read More: Properly Worship Mistress’ Body

I love you have a Viagra

I love you have a Viagra

Viagra Falls! Hello my pets! I recently had a very intense session w my caller who has been a locked cock chastity pet for a long long time. A new twist? Well, I let him out of his cage to stroke, put him back without an orgasm. . . . → Read More: I love you have a Viagra

Cock Teasing by Ms. Delia

Ms. Delia’s Been a Cock Tease for a While

I have to admit, it took me a while to understand why guys like being cock teased. You see, even when I was younger and in college, I knew that I could control men and get them to do whatever I wanted – by controlling . . . → Read More: Cock Teasing by Ms. Delia

Would you buy a pair of my panties?

The sheer red ones?

Hello my pets! Just imagine for a moment that you have a pair of my favorite panties in your procession. How do they feel? Do you like touching them? Take them to your nose and inhale the sweet aroma. ~sigh~ Now tell me what would you want with a . . . → Read More: Would you buy a pair of my panties?

I read about it

Read all about me

in a mag ga gaza ine…lol. How are you, my pets? I thought I would catch up on my reading. you know, all the classics… “Outdoor Body Worship” and “Why Chastity Excites Me” just to name a few!

What have you been doing in your spare time?

Let me . . . → Read More: I read about it

Mistress Meredith says…

That’s right. Please me

Hello my pets. Lets play a game. I know many of you have quite the affinity for game playing and sometimes it does add a je ne sais quoi to the session, doesn’t it? Do you ever notice when you say “doesn’t it, if you say it just right, . . . → Read More: Mistress Meredith says…

Can’t Please Everyone

Jackstress of all trades

unless you are a slut, and that is not really a guarantee. Recently one of my callers called me out on one of my blogs. I know! Seriously? It made me sad because he was one of my favorites. He told me he did not like the tone of . . . → Read More: Can’t Please Everyone