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Sensual Mistress

Sensual Mistress

yeah, that’s really more my style. I know the last blog didn’t get many comments and may have scared (and scarred) a few. lol. Sorry, but it had to be said. But the sensual side is really more of my liking and seems a natural fit. I have to work at . . . → Read More: Sensual Mistress

Private Dinner

These panties would be perfect attire for the private dinner I have in mind for you! “Private dinner” conjures up all kinds of images. An intimate evening of indiscreet unadulterated lust. Nothing shy or demure about these panties. Or the implications designed with them.


is what is in between my legs. Some . . . → Read More: Private Dinner



“Thank you Goddess Meredith for permission to submit this writing to your blog. I have read Your writings and long admired Your beauty, seductiveness and erotic nature. After experiencing a phone session with You finally the other day, I now know the feeling of total submission to You that many of your readers . . . → Read More: BOTTOMS UP


Did you miss me, my pets? I missed you! Your phone sex Goddess is happy to be back and taking care of business. Many of you asked what I did on vacation. Well, I am afraid it has caused quite a stir, and gotten quite a few panties in a knot. See for yourself…

. . . → Read More: TRAVELING PANTIES


Enchantrix Empire. What is it? Just a place where all my Mistress and kinky friends calls “home”. Only about 3,000 members and going strong! Ms Ally created this place for all of us to happily hang out and wave our freak flag. It is a growing online community where everybody knows your  name kind . . . → Read More: ENCHANTRIX EMPIRE


Hello my pets! Have you missed me? I have been under the weather a bit. Any one want to volunteer to be my good Dr? Your phone sex Goddess could use some tender loving care!

Now you know how much I love my callers. You also know how much I love email! So I . . . → Read More: THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MEREDITH



I think by now you know about the penny auction, don’t you? I hope you have put aside some pennies for some “goodies” I have donated. You know, a autographed matching bra and panties, AND 10 minute call AND a goodie bag filled with cute sexy girlie girl make-up! These are 3 seperate . . . → Read More: PENNIES DOMMIES BIRTHDAYS OH MY!


Do I feel hot to you? Here, put your hand on my chest. Yes. Do you feel my heart beat? Is it fast? Do I feel all hot and bothered? Do you feel like that, too? Is it hard to concentrate? Do you find yourself wanting to just scream with excitement from all the . . . → Read More: SPRING FEVER


Champagne. Chocolate. Roses. Jewelry. That little black dress. Lace top thigh highs. 4″ Heels. Perfume. Candlelight dinner. Soft music. Slow dancing. Soft kisses down my neck. Your hand cupping my breast. You whisper something sexy in my ear. What is it?

Oh, you want to get out of here? yes. Where would you like . . . → Read More: STUPID CUPID


Hello my pets! I am talking about three of my favorite things. Well, four but I ran out of room in the title for that last one. We will talk about that one later. Walk with me? I really enjoy walking. I have been going around in circles at the gym on the rubber . . . → Read More: WALK WITH ME, TALK WITH ME, SHOP WITH ME