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Stroke for Me, My Pet

I thought it might be fun to offer you a little stroking assignment today. You can give it a try and then share the results with Ms. Meredith or myself, or you can even call one or both of us, and we can guide you through this stroking fun.

Stroke for Me Without . . . → Read More: Stroke for Me, My Pet

Ready for My Strapon

Ready for my strapon?

Hello, my pets! Can you guess what today’s blog topic is?  I have a caller who just loves for me to use my strap on on him. Of course, I am happy to do this, and I make him “work” for it! I am not easy, you know. This . . . → Read More: Ready for My Strapon

Days are shorter

and so is your cock! Sorry, but it’s the truth, the not so sexy truth and I know it hurts. When it’s cold out, I know it gets all shriveled up and climbs right up into the ball sac. Trying to get warm, maybe?

Not to be mean

but the days now are . . . → Read More: Days are shorter

Sex and the straight guy

Let me guide you

Hello my pets. So, here you are, all alpha and straight as a hard arrow, in this world of all kinds of kinks here, some you may not have even heard of! I know you read some of my blogs and just shake your head, skim over it and . . . → Read More: Sex and the straight guy

I love stroker boys

Stroke for me!

I just love it when you do that for me! Especially when you do it on cam for me. Sexy! I love to watch you man handle yourself. It appeals to my voyeuristic side. Plus I want to make sure you do it right! lol.  So, grab the lube, get naked . . . → Read More: I love stroker boys


Stroke For Me!


Would you like to? Well your phone sex Goddess has made it possible to hear my cock stroking instructions whenever you want! Yes, its true. (Drum roll, please….) It’s official: I have done my very audio for your listening pleasure in the audio store!


I . . . → Read More: STROKE FOR ME!