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Male enhancement coach

Yes, that’s me. But I am a female enhancement coach for your male member. Oh, and you may join the team, too. This was the heading (hehe) of an email I had in my spam. The subject read “changing your penis is hard. We make it easy”. Of course I didn’t open or answer . . . → Read More: Male enhancement coach

Stroke for Me, My Pet

I thought it might be fun to offer you a little stroking assignment today. You can give it a try and then share the results with Ms. Meredith or myself, or you can even call one or both of us, and we can guide you through this stroking fun.

Stroke for Me Without . . . → Read More: Stroke for Me, My Pet

Sexy audios


Miss me? Buy the audio!

Well my pets, just in the nick of time. As I head for bluer skies and taking a few days off for a much needed Mistress get-away, you can enjoy my voice…over and over and over! Check me out at our very own local audio store. I . . . → Read More: Sexy audios