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Everything She Wants

Everything she wants 800-356-6169

Are you familiar with this concept? I think you are. I have to say, I am familiar, too.  Can you imagine that? It’s funny, but I was driving the other day and the song came on and “Wham!” I got to thinking, this is such a true submissive song! . . . → Read More: Everything She Wants

Submissive pets for Ms Meredith!

on your knees, pet

Go stand in the corner with your face against the wall and your hands by your side. Naked. We will have a lot to cover in our session and I won’t waste time!

This is just the beginning of your time with me in your new, appropriate role as . . . → Read More: Submissive pets for Ms Meredith!


Have you seen that move? The cult classic, “Secretary”? Well, I have had the best calls lately about being your sexytary, or even better, being your boss!

My phone sex  lineshave been burning up with all the juicy role playing mischief I can cum up with!  I like being in the drivers seat.  Watching . . . → Read More: SEXYTARY

Enchantrix Empire

So my sweet kinky pets! Have you joined the empire yet? Wow, it has a kind of “Star Wars” feel to that, doesnt it? Can I be your Princess Lay-a? No silly, it’s not like that. I am talking about a place you can call home for all your sweet fetish type fantasies. You can wander . . . → Read More: Enchantrix Empire