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Your Secret Gurly Life, Part II

Gurlie Gurl

A Girlie Girl

That is you, deep down inside, isn’t it? A woman trapped in a man’s body? Wishing with all your being you could be sliding into pretty panties everyday, slips, lacey bras, mascara and pouty painted lips.


you struggle with the idea that

it is wrong

it’s a deep . . . → Read More: Your Secret Gurly Life, Part II

Why do you dress?

I know there are a multitude of answers and not one cookie fits the cookie cutter mold. There are so many different categories, sub-categories and the list goes on and on. With so many layers to this skirt (panties, garter belt, slip, boy shorts, tap pant, lace top thigh highs, pantyhose, half slip, . . . → Read More: Why do you dress?


So, you have been planning your cross dressing adventure all week. The anticipation builds, as you relish the idea of doing what you love and wearing what you want. You have scoped it out, collected your meticulously planned attire, right down to the matching bra and panties when you are in the bathroom . . . → Read More: CROSS DRESSING CRISIS