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A chastity pets virgin attempt

A chastity pets virgin attempt

A chastity pets virgin attempt

This is my first blog for my Mistress! I will be writing about my first chastity cage experience from a male’s perspective. My mistress told me to write my blog since she was the first to hear about my chastity experience. She also had a good laugh at my expense and her chastity pets virgin attempt. It all starts with my mistress moving to a different home. While she was getting through the stresses of moving to different place, I had the stress of not being able to talking to her for 3 months which meant: no orgasm for me.

No orgasm!

Unfortunately I was not able to hold it any longer and I came 3 days before we had our session.  So as punishment she said I have to get my chastity device. Since I never had experience with purchasing a cage, I had asked my mistress if she had any suggestions. She told me to go to a site where they had chastity cages for sissies with smaller cocks because, embarrassingly that is what I have.

Teenie weenie

So I visited the site and followed the instructions on how to get the proper size for my manhood (hehe). i tell my mistress she owns it. Now she wants the beast caged. I did all the measurements and went to the chart to find out what size I need, and yes…my cock was small the size chart they had. I believe the mini was the smallest size they had which was only 138mm diameter. My measurement was 129mm!

That’s really small!

I didn’t want to give up and disappoint my Mistress so I called the company to see if they had smaller sizes. The sales person on the phone said I was able to order a 131mm which is the smallest anyone can order. I am the smallest penis size! So I purchased the cage and now waiting for it to come in with a combination lock so my Mistress can only know the code. And mistakes will never happen.

That’s right my pet! ~fingers crossed~

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