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Crossdressing Caller

crossdressing caller

crossdressing caller

Here is a blog from one of my fav crossdressers…enjoy!

It is a curious thing. I often wondered how certain clothes can make a woman feel sexy. Are there any clothes that could make me feel sexy, as a man I mean? Yes, there are some clothes that make me look nice and decent. Yet… not like a sexy man.  How do clothes make a woman feel sexy as opposed to her own body?

I started calling Mistress because I have been alone an extremely long time. I never really felt sexy no matter how dressed up I got. Mistress started me off making me wear panties all the time. Slowly it moved to full on cross dressing. It has allowed me to think about what a woman goes through. It has allowed me to recognize when a woman is trying to feel sexy as opposed to be sexy.

I believe men want to be sexy in the eyes of woman as well. I know I do.  However, not everyone is made the same. It is an interesting thing that the only thing that has made me feel even remotely sexy is when Mistress has got me dressed up and posing for her.

Does this mean I am a crossdresser? No, not necessarily. But it does make cross dressing fun and interesting. Does this mean I don’t want to be a man any longer? Oh, absolutely not!  It just means I believe cross dressing can be fun for some people. It does not mean I have homosexual tendencies when looking at other men. I honestly cannot tell you if another man is sexy or not. I can only tell you if I believe a woman is sexy in my eyes. I am a crossdresser who loves women.

Overall, cross dressing can teach a person things about themselves as well as about what others may be going through.

Nicely done, my pet!

3 comments to Crossdressing Caller

  • Ecock

    I am honored to have been able to serve you Mistress and that you would put my thoughts in your blog.

  • It is definitely exciting when Mistress Meredith assigns me to wear feminine garments. Maybe, it’s Her sexy voice or the command that She has over me? That’s a pretty strong Maybe!

  • Petey cream puff

    I want to be in this type of relationship when women do this to me. I’m Just afraid to ask because they won’t be interested in this nor female lead relationship with me.

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