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Female led relationship

Female led relationships

Female led relationships

Hello my pets! Aaahhhh….the female led relationship. Just as the Goddess intended it to be! We all know who wears the pants in our family here and we all know we wouldn’t have it any other way! Obviously, if you are in this type of relationship, it is exactly what you need. And if you are entertaining the idea? Oh honey, no question this is what you need!

you probably crave it

If I could sit down with the female population I could certainly educate them! Oh the power they possess. A plethora of female domination! But then I would be out of job. But the smart ones learned early. Just like the song says….”city girls just seem to find out early, how to open doors with just a smile”. you know that smile. The one that simply melts you.

So being controlled by Mistress is the answer for you. Let me just take the pressure off you and ease your burden. I know what you need. I am happy to tell you what to do and how to do it. That is easy for me, so know that it will be hard for you. Very, very hard for you.

I have the answers

you just need to learn that Mistress knows best  and fully embrace that. For most of you, that is a easy grip. For the rest of you, get a grip. Know that the female led relationship is one that is far superior then any you have ever had before.

Are you ready to be led?

I know you are sitting there nodding your head. That’s the first step. Now call me for the rest of the steps and … the rest of your life.

11 comments to Female led relationship

  • Petey cream puff

    After much thought I would love to be in this kind of relationship. I’ve met 2 girls and the one has hots for me and I have hots for the other. I want them to take lead in our relationship but afraid to ask and don’t want to scare them. I hope they want to. If so I would be much happier. Once you get women in your life they do want to take control and that’s what I want to have happen. Would this involve them dressing me up? If so I’m in.

    • I think this is the best kind of relationship for you!

      • Petey cream puff

        I agree! I do want to be their panty boy with each of them taking charge of me in female lead relationship. I just need to put on my big girl pants and tell them. I would hope they will be interested in doing this to me. I’ve bough women’s mules/panties/choker tops/dresses/girlish smelling lotions/perfumes coming in the next 10 days in hopes of them noticing how pretty I smell along with wearing women’s mules as I’ll tell them I want to be in female lead relationship with them.

  • M

    I think it is hard to admit that you need/want to be led by a female and that you feel submissive and not entirely equal. I think many men feel like they are supposed to lead or be strong or whatever but underneath that is not how some of us feel (at all). I think we feel more comfortable and safe when a woman is in charge.

  • Mistress, thanks to You I have embraced my submission and accepted that a Female Led Relationship is the only relationship for me. Once i learned that my pleasure is derived from pleasing my Mistress/Partner, making Her life easier and making Her happy it all CLICKED like the padlock on my Chastity cage. When She is happy Her dominance flourishes!

    Lucky for me She is a City Woman and found out very early that She’s dominant.

    Your rogue

  • Alex

    Well thats true in my case. Im not only led but Owned by Goddess Meredith and Goddess Christine.

  • Empress Meredith –

    I contacted You earlier, thank You.

    I am entertaining the idea of having You as a Mistress/Life Coach.

    I am a total Control-Freak, type-A personality.

    I am unable to take my eyes off Your exquisite chest!!! I can tell how strong, intelligent, capable and mature You are.

    I wish You would be happy to tell me what to do and how to do it.

    I realize it will be very hard on me.

    I am curious if I am good boyfriend material as I would love to make You happy.

    I also need control and discipline. I need to spend time looking at You but not touching.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Sure Lead On

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