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Fifty Shades of Meredith Grey

Spanked 800-601-6975First Shade

Assume the position, my pet. That’s right. Your phone sex Mistress is in a mood tonight. You can tell by the glint in my eyes. As much as you have been looking forward to this all day, with that sweet anticipation growing, I have, too. Your erotic humiliation is just a taste of all that I have planned for you, my sub.

MY Inner Goddess

As you kneel before me, naked and eyes at the ground as you begin kissing my feet, my inner Goddess is thinking about how she will turn that fifty shades of grey into fifty shades of pink! The question is: wood, leather or hard handed. That nice wood paddle, which has nothing nice about it. The leather crop, always a favorite. The hard handed way will definitely leave my mark. A lovely outline of my hand print on that pantied behind! In my book, you are the sub, I am your Dominatrix. Goddess. Empress. Mistress. Owner of your orgasm. Keeper of your cock.


Yes, I believe some pretty pink panties are in order here. I love to pull them up tight as I swat your behind! You know the drill. You bent over my knee, squirming around as I feel your hardness against my thigh. You will wear those panties all night and will always remember what transpired as you did. The old saying…This is going to hurt me more then its going to hurt you is …so far from the truth.


3 comments to Fifty Shades of Meredith Grey

  • matt

    Yes, You are a Goddess. And yes, us worshippers should be kissing Your feet and pantied. Spanking is of course Your prerogative. And i hope You’re enjoying 50 Shades!

  • lockedbob

    Without a doubt, you are the sexiest Dominatrix ever you keyholding Goddess. Always happy to endure different shades in your honor whether they be gray, pink, or blue.

  • panteezd

    Dear Mistress Meredith

    Yes the anticipation of an erotic chat with you would leave me breathless.

    And awaiting your sexy wooden paddling of my buttocks whilst wearing a sexy thong pink pair of panties over your lap would leave me truly breathless!

    Mmm, what a naughty thought

    Best regards

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