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How are my pets?

How are you my pets?

How are you my pets?

How are you, my pets? Have you been behaving? I doubt that. Have you missed me? Yes, I know. I have had some major life changes and honestly…I have been working a long time and it was nice to just kind of enjoy myself and have some Mistress off time. But you know a Mistress is never really “off”.  Let’s just say I was enjoying myself. So really… How are my pets?

What kinks have you explored lately?

Since I have been gone I have been thinking about all my fav kinks, near and dear to my heart…and hopefully yours. you know, like having you locked in chastity or enjoying the cuckold fetish and the cuckold show! But we don’t just limit them to a few kinks, do we?


The more the merrier! Like a good combo. Doing chastity almost goes hand in hand with a cuckold kink. Or a tease and denial with a ruined orgasm. A stroker boy with panties on? Even better, a stroker boy and a cum eating combo. Or just plain stroking to my directions. It’s all good. But it’s just not as good without someone to guide you. This is why you need a Mistress. Butt you knew that.

And here I am! I am glad to be back in your kinky world again and anxious to talk to all of you! I am looking forward to all the naughty details from all your kinky adventures. The time is now to share yourself with me. And if you have been too intimidated to call, maybe you thought you missed your chance with my vacation. I know that made you feel sad. So call!

I am primed and ready to go! Lets get in that kinky head of yours and enjoy ourselves!

Don't be afraid

Don’t be afraid

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