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Mistress Meredith and 11 years of sexiness

Hello my pets! How the heck are you?  Better then last year? Yesterday? Better now that I am here? Of course you are! And that makes me happy. Can you believe we have been together 11 years? How the time does fly! And have you checked your fly lately? A little rusty?

11 years of sexiness

11 years of sexiness

11 years!

Seems like only yesterday I was locking you up in chastity, which makes sense knowing that steel – which represents strength — is the traditional materials of the eleventh anniversary. Diamond jewelry is a modern addition. Imagine that! Diamonds are a girls best friend, especially from my pets in steel cages. This is why I love being a chastity Mistress…the best of all worlds!

But it’s not just locking up cocks that have entertained me over all these years. We have shared so many intimate conversations of love, lust, and sexual kinks that I have a treasure chest of memories and sexy storytelling. Thank-you for that.

Yes, Thank-you.

11 years is a long time and hopefully for you, it was a hard time. A very hard time! I always enjoyed edging you to the brink, only to tease you and bring you back to reality. The reality of stroking without knowing. you can thank me for that. After all, orgasm edging improves your sex life.

your welcum.

11 years of phone sex

11 years of phone sex


We have had a lot of fun together and in all seriousness, I have enjoyed getting to know you, building relationships and trust. you have confided in me, shared your dreams and I appreciate that. Some of you have been with me since I first started talking the talk here, and your loyalty means the world to me! I slowed down a bit last year to stop and smell the roses. And go to the beach, and travel. I missed you and all the sexiness. I am looking forward to the year ahead and all your kinky adventures…and mine. So Happy Anniversary to all of us. I couldn’t have done it without you! xxoo

8 comments to Mistress Meredith and 11 years of sexiness

  • Happy Anniversary Goddess! As some one locked in steel I wish you the best 2018! XXOO

  • Happy Anniversary Mistress Meredith!!!

    11 years, Wow, that is impressive! I know that I have indulged in many 2 Mistress Sessions with you over the years. And I have always enjoyed your style, sense of humor, and sexiness. And I believe the way the two of us complement each other has been quite pleasing to many callers!

    I look forward to seeing you through your next 11 years here with LDW and I hope to have many more fun erotic play dates with you during that time!

  • Humilio

    Happy Anniversary Sexiest Goddess Ever!!

  • Empress Rayne

    Many congrats to you Ms Meredith! I recently had a caller estimating with me how many balls I had emptied in my time here at LDW. Is your mind wandering to how many men have been satisfied…or denied by you in your 11 years? I bet those are some impressive numbers!

  • Congratulations on 11 years here at LDW, Ms Meredith. That is a lot of cocks, a lot of naughtiness, and a lot of chastity! It has been such a pleasure getting to know you, doing calls with you, and watching you lure your loyal callers with your sexiness. Here is to many more years!

  • Ms. Meredith congratulations on 11 years of sexy!! Time flies when you’re having kinky fun, doesn’t it? You’re an awesome Mistress and have an amazing contagious laugh, here is to another successful year in 2018, Happy Anniversary!!

  • Urwordsmith

    Wow 11 yrs. How she got more beautiful and and younger looking than when she started only she knows.just when I think it’s impossible to get more beautiful she does it.
    Thank u Mistress for the amazing beauty u have placed in my life

  • Urwordsmith

    Happy birthday Mistress

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