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MMIA-or Mistress missing in Action

Mistress Missing in Action

Mistress Missing in Action

Hello my pets! How the hell are you? I know, I know…I have been a MMIA (Mistress missing in action) and I have missed your action! What can I say? Now stop pouting and I will explain. As you know, I have been here taking care of your kinkiness for 10 years. 10 years! I have loved it and enjoyed every minute. But since I have moved to sunny Florida, I have been like a kid in a candy shop! So many sensual treats to enjoy and divulge myself in, and so little time to do it!

Not burnt out, just simmering

After 10 years I still enjoy all your calls, questions and guiding you through the sexual adventures you have had, or hope to have, or strictly have in fantasy. It gets me off getting you off. Or denying you, and prompting you to seek other creative ways of release.

But now that I live someplace that has so many activities and the best weather to perform these activities, I am afraid I have been … distracted. Getting settled into a new place, let alone a new state, takes some getting used to! I have been going to the beach, exploring my new town, amusement parks that really do amuse me, and decorating.



I have missed you!

I realize some of you may not be forgiving, and missed my constant attention. But I would not have been true to myself if I had ignored the call of the Ocean, or the lure of warm evenings out with friends. I would have suffered a huge burn out then, so this respite has been very good for all of us.

In 10 years I have gotten my Bachelorett’s degree, worked through some health issues, suffered personal loss. Some of you helped me through every step of the way and gave me healing words of comfort.  I have been your confidente and shared your life’s ups and downs. I hope to continue with that, but right now I have cut loose a bit and am living life.

Some of you think I have a love interest, and to that I said…HELL NO! I am waaaay too independent and happy to have that nonsense. Besides, I have you for that.  Its simple: For 10 years I have worked hard, and got you hard. I didn’t take much time away for myself and now…I am.

But soon I will be here more often. Just watch for the flowing tide and I’ll come swimming. Or, you can email a request for an appointment and we can see who gets wet. xxoo




6 comments to MMIA-or Mistress missing in Action

  • WOW! 10 Years with LDW! Congratulations on this HUGE accomplishment and I’m happy that YOU are getting a well-deserved rest in YOUR sunny state of Florida. I’m sure that YOU raise the temperature in and out of the water as soon as YOU step onto the beach! YOUR pictures on this blog raised my “temperature” and I nearly BURNT OUT my screen as stared at your bangs! WOWSA! I get totally DISTRACTED just looking at them! I can imagine how YOU could get DISTRACTED with all of the cool things at YOUR disposal!

    Thank YOU for being my Mistress, my confidante, my mentor and much more!

    With total submission and appreciation,

    Your rogue XXOO

    P.S. Do You need any help decorating? I’d love to be YOUR surrogate!

  • Trish

    Keep having fun!

    10 years! Wowie! That means 10 years of great advice you’ve given me!

  • You’ve earned some Ms. Meredith time! It can be wonderful to take a little break and rediscover what makes you really happy. Not that your pets don’t make you happy–but I’m sure there’s so much to Ms. Meredith, and you taking time to find your passions only makes you a better Mistress!

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