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Pre Call Questionaire


When you call me,  it is our intimate sexy time.  I want to get to know you so that I can make the most of it. At the same time, I do like a spontaneous call vs scripted.I do want our session to be as unique as you and your desires, catered specifically to you.

In order to not waste time, Please take a moment to answer the questions as I probe into your deepest fantasies. Don’t worry…this time its painless and I will keep it just between us! Your secrets are safe with me! Please copy and paste the following questions with your responses and e-mail them to but follow up with an introductory session. xxoo

1. Have you ever called me or any phone enchantrix before?

2. Have you ever been to a real time Mistress?

3. What site were you exploring when you became interested in a session with me?

4. Other than the site you mentioned above, were there other factors that influenced your decision? Such as my blog, photos, IMing with me, etc.

5.  How much time will you typically have reserved for our session?

6. Are you interested in a long term Mistress, or just when the urge and availability present itself.

7. How often are you planning on calling?

8. What is your favorite fetish that you would like to explore during our session? (highlight all that apply)

Guided Masturbation     Tease & Denial     Humiliation      Chastity     Anal Play     Vanilla     Body Worship     feminization     Cuckolding     CBT     Slave/Submissive Training      Edging    Role play Cum Eating             Virtual Girlfriend

9. Are you a submissive?

10. My long term goal for my feminization is:

12. Do you have whatever supplies that you will need to make the next session even more orgasmic? Like Sissy attire, CBT tools, toys, etc

13. Do you have specific “trigger” word/phrase? Please list…

14. Are there any words that turn you completely off that I will NOT use at all?

15. If you are interested in Tease and Denial, I want you to be very clear. Do you expect a happy ending?  Or is that my choice?

16. Would you like a role-play scenario?

Is there anything else you feel I need to know in order to make our session  sexsational?