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Hot Sex Phone Sex

Hot sex phone sex!

Hello, my pets! We are having a heat wave, and I am telling you, I am loving it! It didn’t bother me a bit when I walked outside and at 9 ‘o’clock at night it was as if I had entered the tropics! I love it! And because I . . . → Read More: Hot Sex Phone Sex

Naughty Hottie Body

naughty hottie body

I was driving today, topless (my convertible, silly), when the song came on that just gets me every time. It goes so well with my last blog, I felt I had to drag it out just a little longer. I love making things longer. ¬†Yeah, not just a naughty hottie . . . → Read More: Naughty Hottie Body

Bringing up the Rear

Bringing up the rear

Hello, my pets. You know as much as I am a fan of ass worship, this blog is a bit about that, but mainly about a few callers who deserve some blogging about. I have a couple who have really been some good ass sluts (you know who you . . . → Read More: Bringing up the Rear

I read about it

Read all about me

in a mag ga gaza ine…lol. How are you, my pets? I thought I would catch up on my reading. you know, all the classics… “Outdoor Body Worship” and “Why Chastity Excites Me” just to name a few!

What have you been doing in your spare time?

Let me . . . → Read More: I read about it

Body worship

So my pets, so many times I am asked “what will please you Mistress?” and my answer always is: worship my body. If you are truly submissive, and want to please me, you will do exactly that.

worship me

If you do this properly, it will take some quality time. No rushing when . . . → Read More: Body worship


…has now turned into slave Saturday! Your phone sex Goddess has determined that Saturday is a good day for slaves! I mean, its a day for house keeping, hand washing panty day-which is every day, and all around Goddess worship time.


Like running the bath for me, complete with bath salts and . . . → Read More: BLACK FRIDAY