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A chastity pets virgin attempt

A chastity pets virgin attempt

This is my first blog for my Mistress! I will be writing about my first chastity cage experience from a male’s perspective. My mistress told me to write my blog since she was the first to hear about my chastity experience. She also had a good laugh at . . . → Read More: A chastity pets virgin attempt

A chastity pet tells all!

chastity pet

Hello pets! One of my long term chastity pets asked if he could share his story with you. I was like…Hell, yes! It may just be the 1st time he got a “yes” from these Mistress lips! I hope this encourages anyone out there considering chastity to actually step . . . → Read More: A chastity pet tells all!

Mistress Meredith as Football Comissioner

I control your balls

Hello my pets, my ballers, my NFL fans! There is a new game in town and I am having so much fun playing with your balls! I am also very happy to report that none have started out deflated! Notice I said started out…but some have also ended up . . . → Read More: Mistress Meredith as Football Comissioner

March Madness

My game face


Yes, it is upon us, kind of like me on you for…well, just about anything! You know I love sports, and bouncy balls, so I have 2 favs to play with, next to you! Now, feel free to add your own kinky twist to this proposition. Imagine, a caller . . . → Read More: March Madness

Xmas comes once a year

And so do you…if you are a chastity pet and if you are one of mine and if you are lucky. That’s alot of “ifs” isn’t it? I love being a chastity Mistress, especially this time of year when I get to play the odds of will I…or won’t I? Typically I lean . . . → Read More: Xmas comes once a year

Breaking Chastity Chains

chastity Mistress

Oh the chains that bind, right? Well my pets, I am afraid that this chastity Mistress has gone a bit rogue or maverick. Twice in one week, even! I absolutely love chastity and all that it entails. I am a firm Mistress with that particular fetish, and pride myself on developing . . . → Read More: Breaking Chastity Chains

Super Bowl Hoe


Well, sports fans, there are ALL kinds of bets and wagers for this cumulative peak of the football season.

As you know, as much of a girlie girl that I am, I do have a passion for some good ‘ol football! Those players and their sexy bodies…oh the stuff that dreams are . . . → Read More: Super Bowl Hoe

Thank you Ms Cassandra

We lock you up

You know, all the sexy Mistresses here are amazing. When it cums to exceptional sexual adventures, everyone here is top shelf,  first class orgasm organizers. But you knew that. One of my favorite playmates is Ms Cassandra. As far as creative play and putting you through your paces, she . . . → Read More: Thank you Ms Cassandra

Why Does Chastity Excite Me?

Chastity Excites Me

Recently a caller asked me “just what about chastity excites you?” and I answered without hesitation “The control”. The idea that I hold your desires in my hand, which I can lock or unlock with the key. The concept of withholding orgasms as a show of devotion to your chastity . . . → Read More: Why Does Chastity Excite Me?


Chaste For Me!

No, I am not running off to join the circus! But if it were in town, you’d be a clown by now. Seriously (stern face) this is about a man in steel locked in a 3 ring device and HIS circus has come to town! For him, that is the . . . → Read More: 3 RING CIRCUS