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Kinky world out there

kinky world

It is, right pets? If you have ventured out long enough to put the cock down and explore, you would agree. What is funny is how many people disagree with that, or are not really seeing it because they have blinders on. I like rose colored glasses myself. But I don’t . . . → Read More: Kinky world out there

Bed Head

My bed head

Hello my pets! As most of you know, I got a luxurious Marriott bed a couple years ago because I broke my bed. Um. Yeah…anywho… many of you contributed to the cause. (Thank-you! wet kisses, licks and erection detection hugs! xxoo) Now it’s 2 years later and low and behold . . . → Read More: Bed Head

Are you a cocksucker? Mistress Meredith wants to know!

cocksucking tool

So…are you? Are you a cocksucker? Does the word itself make you all tingly inside? Does it make you think about a nice, big cocks?


I know this blog will not apply to everyone, but for those in need, here are a few tips for you. A helpful guideline to . . . → Read More: Are you a cocksucker? Mistress Meredith wants to know!

Little Man

Oh, that’s small!

Hello Napoleon, viva la France! How is my little man? Conquered anything lately? I didn’t think so. Maybe some chocolate eclairs, my pastry pet? lol This of course is going to be about my callers who are less endowed then average. Now, there is some debate as far as what . . . → Read More: Little Man

Grower or shower?

My good sublet!

Hello my pets! you are probably wondering what my subject is all about. Oh wait, I am talking to a mainly male population, with exception to the sissies. So you pretty much know what I mean ,or do you? Recently one of my very favorite submissives used that term. He . . . → Read More: Grower or shower?

are you a cocksucker?

Practice makes perfect

Why do you crave cock?

It could be that you are curious. You wonder what it would be like and your fantasies get the best of you. Maybe you had an experience , you know that one time in band camp and your mind runs wild with possibilities. Perhaps you . . . → Read More: are you a cocksucker?

Cocksucking 101 Continued


Who would have thought a blog about blow jobs could go on and on and on! I am just that good, my pets! The epic BJ continues! Now, before we get started, here’s

A cocksucking tip

The dangle of the angle  may require some creativity. Don’t be afraid, it won’t . . . → Read More: Cocksucking 101 Continued

Tongue in Cheek

How to…

What exactly does that mean, tongue in cheek? ” It is a figure of speech used to imply that a statement or other production is humorously or otherwise not seriously intended” according to Wikipedia. um, yeah. Well put…

But for my purposes, its much more then that, not humorous at all. Its . . . → Read More: Tongue in Cheek

you WILL buy a dildo for Ms Meredith!

Dildo for Ms Meredith

You WILL buy a dildo for me… but not for me, for you! Oh yes you will my girlie girl! you will purchase a nice life like cock! Just like the ones you’ve been dreaming about! One with veins and a nice big round mushroom head. I will allow . . . → Read More: you WILL buy a dildo for Ms Meredith!