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Hello Caitlyn Jenner, how’s it hangin’? D’oh!

um…That’s not Caitlyn!

Oh my pets, this is no laughing matter. Remember months ago when I told you he/she was starting the sexual transgender process? Oh the nay Sayers tried to tell me it wasn’t so. Apology accepted. Trust me now? I know of what I speak.

Louboutins forward, or combat boots backwards? . . . → Read More: Hello Caitlyn Jenner, how’s it hangin’? D’oh!

The Gurly Life Begins

Gurly Gurl Coach

WHAT TYPE OF GIRL  WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE  If you were a girl, how do you see yourself? Someone who would be conscious of being pretty most of the time and work on it? Do you like the pencil skirt, white blouse and heels ensemble or the business suit . . . → Read More: The Gurly Life Begins

In a Barbie World

Hello my pets! Your phone sex Goddess is changing it up a bit.I am not including a pic of myself. Does this scene look familiar? Or maybe in your dreams?

It reminds me of that song “I’m a Barbie girl, In a barbie world” but I don’t think this is what they were . . . → Read More: In a Barbie World


Santa Baby! I have to say I have been spoiled rotten! I guess it pays to be on Santa’s naughty list! My sweet callers! What a holiday boner, uh, bonus I got from you! I want to say a big warm THANK YOU! The problem is, I have to be generic! I know who gave . . . → Read More: SECRET SANTA


Love of the Feminine

My yin, your yang? Anima or animus? Grace, beauty and wisdom. The feminine moves freely with beautiful, infinite energy. It calls to you and stirs something you have yet to define. The soft sensitive mind set and leanings that come naturally. Or the ruggedly macho expectations that consume control. We are . . . → Read More: FEMOPHELIA ~ THE LOVE OF FEMININE