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Princess Charming



Hello pets! Now that a new Cinderella is about to come out, in theaters, not the closet, silly, it’s the perfect time to live the fantasy fairy tale. Although, have you considered coming out for real, princess? Anyway, it’s time to invite your Cinderella/Cinderfella out to play!

Spring is the perfect . . . → Read More: Princess Charming

sissy rules for Mistress Meredith

Hello sissy

Now that you are my sissy, you will show your gratitude for being given this magnificent opportunity, by submitting to me. This also means you will be at my beck and call, ready and willing to please like a good sissy should be! you will respect and obey me at all . . . → Read More: sissy rules for Mistress Meredith


Pretty in Pink

This has nothing to do with a previous post, all about my buff muff. But it’s pretty in pink, too. No, this is about a good sissy caller called none other than “Buffy”, which I believe is  a perfect sissy name! She is turning out to be a perfect sissy, too!

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