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Dear Santa Baby

Santa Baby

Hello my holiday pets! How are you with Xmas creeping up on you like a tight pair of panties? Do you have your shopping done? Cookies made and decorated with special sprinkles? Did you give Santa a nice lap dance, I mean sit pretty on his face, I mean lap! That . . . → Read More: Dear Santa Baby

Thunder down under

Thunder down under

Under where? or underwear. I never wear underwear, I swear. I know this is devastating news to all the sissies, but 99% of my other callers are pretty rock hard right about…now. Hello my pets! This title actually came to me a few nights ago as I was watching the . . . → Read More: Thunder down under

Can you hear me now?

can you hear me



Hello, my pets! How are you? Have been enjoying your sexy selves? I know I have.

I have had some amazing, intense sessions, as always. Thank you for that. I know you can find satisfaction at many places, but you choose to come here. Sometimes you . . . → Read More: Can you hear me now?

Spring Phone Sex

spring phone sex 800-356-6169

Hello, my pets! As you know, I am NOT a fan of winter, and as much as I can appreciate fall, spring and summer are by far the best! Now that it is official, my Birthday? No, SPRING! We can really spring into action and start enjoying the weather, . . . → Read More: Spring Phone Sex

Tips for Great Phone Sex

phone sex tips call 800-356-6169

Hello, my pets! I have been in such a giving mood lately that I decided now was a good time to share some secrets. Tips (not tits, you naughty one!) of the trade, so to speak. Or more directly, a “how to for phone sex dummies” kind of . . . → Read More: Tips for Great Phone Sex

Lusty Feelings

Lusty Feelings (800) 356-6169

Do you have them, my pets? I know I do, but that is just pretty much an everyday occurrence. Not only do I feel lusty, but busty. A lusty, busty kind of thing. Lusty feelings are pretty dominate, and it’s best just to surrender to them. This time of . . . → Read More: Lusty Feelings

Quick cummings

Oh my pets! This is a subject no one really likes to admit openly…except for here, with your Mistress! Let’s face it, between my voice, your stroking and the visual stimulation from my pics, well…sometimes you just cum waaaay too soon!

well that was fast

 That was fast!

Never a good sentence uttered . . . → Read More: Quick cummings


Let me guide you

OH, my pets, recently I had a call that really was very sexy. Some of my callers like to look at porn. (NO!) Yes, I know, big surprise! And some of those porn watching callers like to share the experience with me and send me links (which is always . . . → Read More: EROTIC IMAGES

Sex and the straight guy

Let me guide you

Hello my pets. So, here you are, all alpha and straight as a hard arrow, in this world of all kinds of kinks here, some you may not have even heard of! I know you read some of my blogs and just shake your head, skim over it and . . . → Read More: Sex and the straight guy

Sex and the straight guy

I will straighten you out

Hello my pets. Since I have spent time on the sissies, it seemed only fair to devote time to the straight guy. I don’t travel down the straight and narrow path too much, but my straight guys are pretty complex and actually…sexy!


Not my straight guys! Guided . . . → Read More: Sex and the straight guy