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Guest Post for Ms. Meredith – Stroking to Music by Mistress Daphne

One of my favorite assignments is to make my boys & girls masturbate to music. Well, to the beat of the music.

When I learned to masturbate, I used water flowing from the bathtub faucet. We didn’t have a shower massage yet (not even sure they were invented then). I would lay down in . . . → Read More: Guest Post for Ms. Meredith – Stroking to Music by Mistress Daphne

Lusty Feelings

Lusty Feelings (800) 356-6169

Do you have them, my pets? I know I do, but that is just pretty much an everyday occurrence. Not only do I feel lusty, but busty. A lusty, busty kind of thing. Lusty feelings are pretty dominate, and it’s best just to surrender to them. This time of . . . → Read More: Lusty Feelings

Daily Orgasms

Right there

Well my pets… I wanna know. How many times a day (week? month? year?) do you enjoy yourself, or in the company of others? Yes, I will include partners, toys and self service. Me? Have I mentioned my shower massager? My daily ritual in the shower includes a little “me” time . . . → Read More: Daily Orgasms


Let me guide you

OH, my pets, recently I had a call that really was very sexy. Some of my callers like to look at porn. (NO!) Yes, I know, big surprise! And some of those porn watching callers like to share the experience with me and send me links (which is always . . . → Read More: EROTIC IMAGES

Boner Owner


Well, are you? I should hope so! This is one of those “one size fits all” declarations! It applies to every one of my callers! You may be shaking your head as your cock cage rattles, but this is for you, too! You better be having that nice hard on in the . . . → Read More: Boner Owner