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Sensual Mistress

Sensual Mistress

yeah, that’s really more my style. I know the last blog didn’t get many comments and may have scared (and scarred) a few. lol. Sorry, but it had to be said. But the sensual side is really more of my liking and seems a natural fit. I have to work at . . . → Read More: Sensual Mistress

Sensual Sessions

Hello my sensual pets. This post is all about you and our sessions. I am known as many things: Chastity Mistress, Cuckholdress, cum eating Coach, cockcontroller, Goddess and many others. But when asked if I am strict or sensual, I have to admit I do lean towards the sensual side. Its a very . . . → Read More: Sensual Sessions


Prime Time

Yes, I can verify that it is true. They say that a woman in her 30’s reaches her sexual prime. Cruel joke for the male population peaking at 18, but you boys always need to catch up to the fairer sex, right? As far as my sexual appetite… I am just . . . → Read More: PRIME TIME


FREE! That’s right!

Its winding down now, but if you have called us before and your last name begins with the letter of the day, you get 10 free minutes.

How cool is that? Your phone sex Goddess hopes you take, or have taken advantage of this alphabet game. It’s a great opportunity to . . . → Read More: FREE PHONE SEX


Spring is in the air and it can have some pretty amazing effects on people. I mean, there I was, minding my own business when this beautiful, hot sexy woman laid one of the juiciest kisses I have ever had! What could I do? I had no choice but to close my eyes, feel the . . . → Read More: BAD GIRLS


Santa Baby! I have to say I have been spoiled rotten! I guess it pays to be on Santa’s naughty list! My sweet callers! What a holiday boner, uh, bonus I got from you! I want to say a big warm THANK YOU! The problem is, I have to be generic! I know who gave . . . → Read More: SECRET SANTA


Tell me all about it

Hey there! Welcum to my new home! Grab a seat ( are you pinching mine? lol ) and make yourself comfy. This is all about your kinks, fantasy’s and secrets. All are safe with me. I can listen, share and lead you on a sensual voyage. Let’s get . . . → Read More: WELCOME TO THE SEXY TRUTH