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Sexy Bucket Fuck-it List

The Fuckit list

I know you have one, my pets! If you don’t, you are in luck. I have it right here for you and you can cross off as you go. Oh, but first go through and cross off what you have already accomplished. you naughty slut, I bet you will x . . . → Read More: Sexy Bucket Fuck-it List

Sexy naughty Elf names

Here is a fun little reindeer game for you, my pets! In this naughtification of Xmas I believe to truly be in the heat of it all, the heart and soul, the very depths…well, you must have a name. A very special name!

So here is the deal.

You first need to select . . . → Read More: Sexy naughty Elf names

Missing Mistress Meredith

Did you? Did you miss me? Did you miss your phone sex Mistress? As much as I love you all, I have to say I had a much needed vacation. I am re-juiced, re-vibed and ready to go. I enjoyed a lovely time that included decompressing and pampering. Some massage action, some meditative . . . → Read More: Missing Mistress Meredith


Santa Baby! I have to say I have been spoiled rotten! I guess it pays to be on Santa’s naughty list! My sweet callers! What a holiday boner, uh, bonus I got from you! I want to say a big warm THANK YOU! The problem is, I have to be generic! I know who gave . . . → Read More: SECRET SANTA


Naughty or Nice?  How about nice and naughty? It seems I made the naughty list and in spite of that, Santa has been very generous! I mean, this week before Christmas and all the house, my bed has been shaking from the vibrating mouse. My silk stockings are hung, well hung, by the fireplace . . . → Read More: SANTA CAME EARLY