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Do you have a teenie weenie halloweenie?



Well my pets, this may be a hard question for some, and others? Not so much! lol For those who are well endowed, well hung and know it, the ladies all over the world say a HUGE collective Thank you! For the teenie weenies of the world? ~sigh~ Too bad, so . . . → Read More: Do you have a teenie weenie halloweenie?

Safe Sex

Safety First

Do you practice safe sex? Well, you are here and probably a caller, so what is safer then phone sex?! This is an excellent alternative to reckless abandon. But I do understand the need for actual physical contact. I am just a proponent of erring on the side of caution.

Bareback . . . → Read More: Safe Sex

Pin Dicks

AWE…you have a teenie weenie!

Hello my pets. Recently I had a caller comment about how much he enjoys my blogs (thank you) but he wished I would talk about small penis pin dick stuff. My response to that?


you know I am a size queen. you know I would never waste . . . → Read More: Pin Dicks

No teenie weenies

Crown me Size Queen

You know the old saying… A good man is hard to find and a hard man is good to find? Well, I want to add my addendum to that. A good hard man with a good sized cock is king! Lately I have had the pleasure of a few . . . → Read More: No teenie weenies


Hello my pets! How are you? Your phone sex Goddess is all aghast, upset and completely kerplunc. I recently read my reviews for

rate my and feel just terrible! 


You see, one caller after 4 minutes decided I was the worst sexy playmate ever and left a review saying as much. . . . → Read More: RATE MY CALL.COM