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Do you have a teenie weenie halloweenie?



Well my pets, this may be a hard question for some, and others? Not so much! lol For those who are well endowed, well hung and know it, the ladies all over the world say a HUGE collective Thank you! For the teenie weenies of the world? ~sigh~ Too bad, so . . . → Read More: Do you have a teenie weenie halloweenie?

Little Man

Oh, that’s small!

Hello Napoleon, viva la France! How is my little man? Conquered anything lately? I didn’t think so. Maybe some chocolate eclairs, my pastry pet? lol This of course is going to be about my callers who are less endowed then average. Now, there is some debate as far as what . . . → Read More: Little Man

Pin Dicks

AWE…you have a teenie weenie!

Hello my pets. Recently I had a caller comment about how much he enjoys my blogs (thank you) but he wished I would talk about small penis pin dick stuff. My response to that?


you know I am a size queen. you know I would never waste . . . → Read More: Pin Dicks



Kiss the pussy

Sad as that thought may be, this was the outcum of a recent call. This well meaning sweet caller had, shall we say, some shortcummings and he actually came to the realization all on his own that this would be his lot in life. So the majority of our . . . → Read More: KISS THE PUSSY


Have you ever been so far to the edge you thought there was no return? Do you know what edge I am talking about? Your phone sex Goddess directs your cock stroking to the point of ALMOST no return. You work that cock into a frenzy and just when you think you will reach . . . → Read More: PUSHED TO THE EDGE