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Why do you dress?


I know there are a multitude of answers and not one cookie fits the cookie cutter mold. There are so many different categories, sub-categories and the list goes on and on. With so many layers to this skirt (panties, garter belt, slip, boy shorts, tap pant, lace top thigh highs, pantyhose, half slip, full slip, crinoline, etc) that I may make a series out of this question since one size does not fit all.

What is the answer?

I always ask my caller(s) and never have the same exact answer. But how could I with so many different levels, types and situations? Recently pantysue posted a blog on regarding this, since we had a conversation about this on our recent call.

She says…and I quote:

 i guess to make it simple a cross dresser is a person who enjoys wearing clothing of the opposite sex and generally gets some sexual gratification by doing so. A sissy on the other hand desires to dress in feminine attire that no real woman would actually wear (except for maybe a woman square dancing) but that clearly say they are not a real man at all. 

sissies vs crossdressers

Looks like it comes to that, or my favorite…”other” lol

Like, I will wear a guys over-sized t-shirt or sweatshirt sometimes. It makes me feel comfy, especially on those days when you feel fat and just want comfort clothes. This does the trick. I don’t get turned on by wearing it, not like most who slip on a pair of panties and suddenly need a size bigger to accommodate. Sometimes their cologne lingers and ….ok, well maybe I Do get turned on by that! But it’s not from wearing the clothes, it’s remembering what happened when he wasn’t wearing them! ~wink~

Lucy, you got some spainin’ to do!

A man wearing female underwear has two basic possibilities: (1) they are aroused by the visual appeal of women’s underwear, or (2) they are aroused by the appeal of being more feminine.

But that’s just addressing panties. What about the whole kit and kaboodle noodle?

The only way to fully understand this is to ask: are you gay? Not that it is the only reason, almost certainly not…not that there’s anything wrong with that.~smiles~

Begs the question 

Why DO you dress? I look forward to your answers! xxoo

8 comments to Why do you dress?

  • Meredithsmissy

    insightful as usual Goddess

  • pantysue

    i am so honored to be quoted Mistress… and i must say that one of the reasons i dress is to please You my Mistress. You are so good to Your sissy and i love being Yours!

  • Peter

    For me it soft fabric of silk, satin bra, panty, boy shorts against my soft smooth girlish skin. It’s total turn on, also wearing nylons, heels,wig against my shoulders, wearing dresses is hot also sheath dress that is form fitting and gives me girlish curves, lipstick, perfume , lotions to make my skin soft. Our last call was awesome with Ms Tia when the 2 of you dressed me as a girl. I got hard and made a mess. Dressing for me is about getting off.

  • Jennifer

    Because it absolutely overwhelms me. Transports me, takes my breath away…feminine energy yes yes yes!
    It has nothing to do with being gay, the gay men I knew said that they were interested in more and more masculinity, combining two men to increase the masculine energy. For me it’s girl,girl,girl.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    After having dressed for 14 years explain why? 1 reason It started at a New Years party too high on champagne & weed. Wearing a Hawian shirt totally male found ballons put under my shirt and had more fun than ever before in my life dancing around & it all progressed from there

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